Using Reiki to Stop Smoking

We’re told relentlessly by the media and by health professionals that smoking is bad for us. It not only endangers your own life, but the lives of the people around us. Nevertheless, it is an addiction and in most cases, people find it exceedingly hard to quit. But the power and healing properties of Reiki has been reported to have helped many people to kick the habit.

The first thing to do, before you have any kind of Reiki performed on you, is to remove any temptations, or items which have connotations with smoking, such as lighters and ashtrays, from your home.

To receive Reiki successfully, you as the patient must be fully committed to quitting. Approach the session with a determined and positive mind-set. This is key if the Reiki is going to benefit you. The practitioner will channel the universal energy and transfer it through the patient. This will not only cleanse any blockages in their body, of which there may be many, but also to cleanse their mind and rid them of any negative thoughts or doubt. By clearing out the toxic energy and relaxing the body and mind of the patient, the compulsion to smoke will also start to dissolve.

Whilst receiving Reiki, it is important to breathe deeply to fully relax and expel negativity. The Reiki will encourage your body to start healing itself and fix the damage which has been done by the nicotine and smoke. The sense of calmness and peace which is instilled drastically eliminates any stress you may be feeling, which could be contributing to the reason you smoke or to the amount of cigarettes you smoke. In addition, Reiki gives you inner strength and helps to build on your conviction that you can stop by creating a general sense of wellbeing.

Patients should see their desire to smoke lessen in a very short time frame. Some report it to be immediately, whilst others says they noticed it after a few hours or days. Having daily Reiki performed on you would be extremely effective as it would act as a wonderful cleanse for each new day. Many people who have receive Reiki to help stop smoking have commented that the act of smoking just doesn’t interest them anymore. They feel a greater sense of mental and physical wellbeing, which they want to retain. Reiki is particularly effective when combined with other methods such as support groups, using patches, undertaking CBT or keeping yourself distracted.