Using Reiki To Relieve Chronic Pain

Reiki is increasingly being offered as treatment for chronic pain in hospitals, hospices and private practices because more and more people are starting to realise it has fantastic healing potential.

By just positioning their hands slightly above and around your body, a Reiki practitioner can bring relief to chronic pain and make you feel more comfortable. The whole concept of easing any sort of physical pain is linked to bringing about a sense of centeredness and awareness in the patient. The practitioner acts as a medium, channelling the universal energy and transferring it into the patient.

By relaxing the body’s muscles, the energy flow can resume its natural course, reducing any physical pain. By easing the physical pain, perhaps in back, hips, limbs or joints, the emotional stress is also inevitably lessened. And it works vice versa: ease the emotional stress and the pain in your body will feel as though it has been lessened.

After many studies which have been conducted, it has been found that quite often both minor and physical pain, without any established cause, is due to our emotional, spiritual and mental state of mind.

For example, there are links between people with lower back pain and those with anger issues. Tightness across the shoulders and neck has been linked to feeling repressed or anxious about speaking out about something. Severe headaches have long been recognised as a symptom of stress or worry.

In other words, when your body has been under any amount of stress, whether that be physical or mental, then you will likely suffer, as the flow of energy throughout your body has been disrupted. Reiki treats both the physical and emotional aspects of pain, encouraging a rebalance of the chakras and a general feeling of wellness.

Moreover, there are absolutely no side effects associated with the treatment, unlike many types of drugs. Reiki will work best when used alongside other forms of treatment, such as physiotherapy, prescribed medication or acupuncture. Although Reiki won’t completely take away the pain, it will certainly put you in a stronger and more relaxed mindset to cope with your condition.

Struggling every day with chronic pain is not only upsetting, it is exhausting. Reiki can certainly help you deal with your pain in a natural way, improving sleep patterns, energy levels, easing tension and helping the patient to relax their body and muscles.