Using Reiki to induced Labour

In some cases, is believed that Reiki is extremely effective in inducing labour and maintaining maternal health throughout pregnancy. Lots of pregnant women attempt to induce labour when they are days or weeks late, whether that be through walking, eating spicy foods, or having sex.

But inducing labour should not be done lightly. It can have negative effects on you and your babies health, especially if their have been no complications throughout your pregnancy. It is imperative that you wait until at least 39 weeks gestation, so as not to hinder the development of your baby. And you should always seek professional advice before trying to induce labour.

When your baby decides to be born late, in those days in which you’re waiting you start to feel increasingly uncomfortable, stressed and frustrated. This can all have a negative effect on your body and your baby. In response, your body will refuse to go into labour. Your body’s natural instincts interprets this stress from external factors as a sign that it is not safe for the baby. So your body keeps your baby in the womb for a while longer, until your stress eases.

Reiki is a wonderful, natural option for speeding up the start of your labour and also shortening the duration. When you relax the entire body, you ease the built up tension in your muscles, which may be causing your labour to move slowly or not start at all. In a Reiki session, the practitioner will concentrate on the relaxing the body and mind, sending soothing energy throughout your body from your head to your pelvis to facilitate labour. Along with this general downward flow they concentrates on releasing or shifting any blockages in energy. As well as inducing labour, Reiki on pregnant woman can also ease and physical discomforts, such as back pain, ankle pain, head aches and stiffness in the limbs.

Some practitioners have shared their visualisation notes online, and describe them as an expanding circle with a bright white light in the centre. The circle then expands and contracts, mimicking contraction of the uterus

During your session, you may find that the practitioner will concentrate on your stomach, transferring a reassuring positive flow towards the baby and encouraging it to be born. They may also concentrate on your shoulders as these seem to be a common body part which has success in inducing labour, releasing retained placenta, inducing the flow of breast milk when nursing, and easing any breast pain.

Furthermore, Reiki could also be used as a method of pain control throughout your labour. It is a particularly painful and stressful time which takes a toll on your state-of-mind, making your labour feel harder than it needs to be. Thee best thing about Reiki is that it is a completely safe option that doesn’t require any medication, keeping your body health and natural during labour and birth.