Reiki in aiding MS treatment

Anyone with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will know that it is a frustrating, debilitating disease, caused by damage to the covers of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It is also one of the hardest illnesses to treat.


Those who use conventional methods of treatment often find they are unsatisfied with the results. So, an increasing number of people are seeking alternative or complementary ways of healing their body.  Reiki can be an extremely effective form of treatment which can aid the recovery process. It is reported to decrease pain and other symptoms associated with MS, such as depression and stress.


When a patient undergoes Reiki, they enter a state of deep relaxation. Not only do their muscles and body relax, but their mind does too. This leads to feelings of calmness and sense of being grounded.  During the session, the Reiki practitioner will channel universal life energy and, by using their hands and moving them over the body, they transfer it into the patient. This will remove any blockages, caused by the illness, which may be affecting recovery.


Reiki was researched in 2002 in the UK as a method of treatment and some very positive results were found. Many participants (who suffered from MS) reported to have an improvement in MS symptoms, as well as increased motor function and cognitive function. Furthermore, they found that Reiki helped to ease feelings of lethargy and gave a greater sense of overall well-being, particularly emotionally and mentally.


Currently, traditional forms of MS treatment concentrate solely on curing the physical problems. However, the medical community are starting to recognise the benefits of also targeting the psychological aspects of this disease. As Reiki particularly focuses on the mental aspect of MS, it is a powerful method to use in addition to prescribed forms of treatment. When patients feel pain, depression or anxiety, it can worsen their condition and further compromise the immune system. Undergoing Reiki therapy actively reduces the stresses being exerted on the mind and also the physical stresses on the body. As a direct result, Reiki increases a patients ability to cope, allowing them to heal at a faster and more effective rate.


Therefore, it makes sense to combine medical treatments with Reiki therapy. It is more likely that there will be greater progress in recovery. Regular sessions of Reiki, even after the patient is feeling better, ensure that any blockages in life energy are removed, allowing it to flow naturally in and around your body.


Not only will patients feel an increased sense of optimism, they will also feel more centred and able to fight the illness which is affecting them, improving both their quality and outlook of life.