Reiki in aiding Cancer treatment

Cancer is a horrifying disease, which not only causes physical debilitation in health, but also a deterioration of a person’s mental and emotional state. It is one of the most common causes of death, so it is hardly surprising that the very word strikes fear into the heart of many.


It is important to follow the traditional methods of treatment for cancer, however, it is just as important not to forget about the vital role the mind and soul play in controlling our health. As this connection between the mind, body and soul becomes more prominent in medicine, doctors and patients are searching for alternate methods of treatment which can also help them to recover, by focusing on the healing of the mind.


Although Reiki cannot cure cancer when used by itself, it is extremely effective as a complementary therapy. There are thousands of cases of patients claiming that this form of healing has significantly enhanced their recovery. They say it has helped them to deal with the emotional impact of cancer and has relieved the side effects experienced from chemotherapy treatments.


Reiki initiates healing by balancing the chakras, or energy, within and around your body. This energy has massive effects on your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. So, when your flow of energy has blockages, this can enhance the symptoms and effects of cancer, making it harder for your body to fight the disease.


During a Reiki session, the practitioner will channel positive universal energy and transfer it into your body to help clear out these blockages and any negative energy, which may be hindering your recovery. This allows the energy to commence its proper flow and improve overall well-being.


By inducing a deeply relaxing state, Reiki has been proven to reduce the level of pain, which can be particularly useful for those who are undergoing traumatic treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is thought that these psychological effects of Reiki is what makes it so successful in aiding the healing process and instilling a general sense of well-being. Much like a massage, Reiki changes the state of mind of the patient, making them feel more positive and able to cope with their illness. Studies have found that state of mind has a massive influence over the strength of the immune system.


Patients who have received Reiki healing alongside other conventional methods of treatment, have reported significant advancements in their recovery process. In 2008, research was carried out into the effectiveness of Reiki for aiding other treatments and easing mental or medical conditions. The clinical trials confirmed that Reiki reduced pain and anxiety in patients, as well as reducing stress levels and feelings of hopelessness.


By becoming more aware of the body and clearing away any anxiety, patients are better mentally equipped to cope and understand their situation. Reiki gives the patient the mental and emotional tools to fight the disease, aiding their body to heal quicker and with less complications.


It is highly recommended to use Reiki as a complementary method to your normal course of treatment. It will increase your chances of having a better quality of life and a stronger immune system with which to combat the cancer.