How Reiki Can Ease Your Depression

The health benefits of Reiki are widely recognised across the world and a number of studies have been conducted, which emphasise its effectiveness in healing both the body and mind. It can be applied to various illnesses to provide relief from symptoms including mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

The first thing doctors will usually do is give you some form of medication to treat depression. However, Reiki has been proven to help reduce stress, and relieve various symptoms of anxiety and depression, like suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue, physical pain and low mood. It works by balancing the chakras (energy centres within the body) and creating a powerful relaxation effect which allows the patients natural energy to flow correctly.

Relaxation improves the secretion of dopamine in the brain and also raises the levels of serotonin which will immediately make you start to feel better and decrease the stress on your mentality. Depression acts as a type of mental blockage which prevents the natural flow of energy from moving around the body. In order to shift this blockage, the practitioner transmits positive universal energy into the individual through certain hand positioning to facilitate the healing process.

Through this natural therapy, patients will notice that feelings of anger are reduced, as are unexplained feelings of hopelessness. Physical symptoms, like chronic fatigue or aches and pains, can be cured too. The negative emotions and thoughts leave the body as the blockage is dissolved over the course of the therapy and the normal condition of the body is restored.

Reiki also improves sleep quality, which has a massive impact on your state of mind, and also gives a sense of general well-being. People who have received Reiki treatment for depression have commented that they feel lighter afterwards and generally have a more positive outlook on life. This shows that Reiki can gives both immediate and long term improvements to mental health.

One of the best things about Reiki is that it can be learned and performed on the self. So, if you suffer from chronic depression you would be able to heal yourself when you are feeling rather low. Reiki is extremely useful if combined with other treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and could help cure depression.

Ultimately, our goal in life is to be happy. When you are depressed, it can feel impossible to achieve a satisfying level of happiness. Reiki can help to restore your joy and enthusiasm for life, as well as equipping you with the right mindset to let your mind heal.