Reiki West Sussex: Reiki Healing in Worthing


Using Reiki to Stop Smoking

We’re told relentlessly by the media and by health professionals that smoking is bad for us. It not only endangers your own life, but the lives of the people around us. Nevertheless, it is an addiction and in most cases, people find it exceedingly hard to quit. But the power and healing properties of Reik


Using Reiki to Induce Labour

In some cases, is believed that Reiki is extremely effective in inducing labour and maintaining maternal health throughout pregnancy. Lots of pregnant women attempt to induce labour when they are days or weeks late, whether that be through walking, eating spicy foods, or having sex. But inducing labour should not be done lightly. It can

Reiki West Sussex: Reiki Healing in Worthing

Using Reiki To Relieve Chronic Pain

Reiki is increasingly being offered as treatment for chronic pain in hospitals, hospices and private practices because more and more people are starting to realise it has fantastic healing potential. By just positioning their hands slightly above and around your body, a Reiki practitioner can bring relief to chronic pain and make you feel more

How Reiki Can Ease Your Depression

The health benefits of Reiki are widely recognised across the world and a number of studies have been conducted, which emphasise its effectiveness in healing both the body and mind. It can be applied to various illnesses to provide relief from symptoms including mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. The first thing doctors

Have a Blissful Night’s Sleep With Reiki

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