Reiki Healing in Worthing - complemented by Hopi ear candling.

If you feel stressed, lethargic or have trouble sleeping then holistic therapies here at Reiki West Sussex could be just for you


Our relentless fast paced, and competitive world is notorious for propagating all kinds of emotional and physical issues.  This results in physical symptoms like insomnia, a poor responsive immune system and a low sense of energy and motivation.  Reiki is a natural and safe practice that will have a dramatic affect on your whole well being.

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Meditation Mondays

If we all had a pause button in our lifes, I'm sure many of us would use it.  Of course we don't have one, but this group CAN offer you that pause button through meditation.

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Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies’ is an umbrella term that holistic therapists use when referring to treatments that affect the body, mind and soul as opposed to just the physical body. 

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Angel Healing

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

Ear candling is an ancient process in which a hollow candle is inserted into the external auditory canal and lit with the patient lying on the opposite ear. The tradition of ear candles was originated within the Hopi tribe and so it’s widely introduced as 'Hopi Ear Candling'.

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As a professional and experienced holistic therapy practitioner I offer a wide range of courses including Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master Level 3 and Teacher courses.  Please see the courses page for latest and upcoming courses, dates and availability.

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Gift Vouchers Available

We offer a loyalty card scheme – You pay for 4 treatments each time you visit and receive a 5th one free!

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